Easy to Install Skylight Guardrail

Sesco Safety’s collective free standing Skylight Guardrail are great for skylights, rooflights and domelights up to 6.5' x 6.5' in size.

The modular Kee Dome™ system allows contractors and maintenance crews to access rooftops for repair and maintenance work safely and easily without the risk of falling through glazed areas. This product can also be used in seamless harmony with our other fall-protection solutions.

Quick Assembly

The Kee Dome™ system features a number of standard components which can be assembled around the designated area with maximum speed. These include vertical posts, hand and knee rails together with associated 90° corner fittings, and special recycled PVC feet with clamping rings. Once the steel tubing rails have been cut to size, they can be locked into position by the corner fittings. The adjustable clamping rings are used to fix the feet securely to the corners of the rooflight base, which can be up to 4m2 in area. As a result, the system remains completely free-standing, eliminating the risk of damage to the roof membrane.

Fully Modular

Although designed as a permanent solution, the new Kee Dome™ system is fully modular, so it can also be taken down, moved and re-erected as required. Once constructed, it provides a maximum permissible horizontal load of 300 N/m. and complies fully with the relevant rooftop safety legislation and EN 14122 pt3. The system is suitable for use on all roof surfaces, with a maximum pitch of 3°.

  • The maximum footprint for the Kee Dome is 8′ x 8′.
  • A Clamping ring is inserted into the base unit to lock the uprights.

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