Non-Penetrating Flexible Rooftop Solution

Our freestanding guardrail system offers a component based, non-penetrating, compliant guardrail option to protect your employees from potential fall hazards while working at heights.

Freestanding Guardrail System

This system is typically utilized when a worker is performing a task within 6’ of the roof edge or at a height of 4’ or above.  Freestanding guardrail can be utilized on rooftops, mezzanines, and working platforms to provide a passive barrier to prevent a fall.

The component-based guardrail system offers the flexibility to work around obstructions while meeting ANSI/OSHA compliance.

We design and lay out each freestanding guardrail system to meet the customer’s requirements.  All components are manufactured and tested to US standards.  Our certified technicians seamlessly integrate the systems into the existing areas to provide superior installation service.


  • Non-Penetrating
  • Galvanized or powder coated
  • Component based


  • No annual inspection requirements
  • No additional PPE needs to utilize system
  • No additional training needs

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