Portable Stairs and Freestanding Ladder Systems

Provide convenient access to elevated work areas with 100% fall protection.

Sesco Safety portable stairs and ladder systems are ideal for indoor and outdoor elevated aircraft maintenance, tanker railcar checkpoints, and in cases when a permanent overhead solution is not a feasible solution. These systems provide a convenient, moveable, sturdy structure that can be temporarily staged in place and utilized to safely access areas at height both indoors and outdoors.

OSHA compliant and customizable, Sesco Safety portable stairs and freestanding ladder systems can be configured to include guardrails and the use of multiple SRLs on the system for added security while working at heights. Sesco Safety provides installation and training.


Provides easy access and 100% fall protection from the ground up for up to two users for the duration of the work. Available in a range of heights and wheel styles, the system can be ordered to meet your applications’ custom requirements.

Quick Delivery

Our solutions are delivered quickly and cost-effectively throughout North American using our network of distributors and that share our commitment to quality, service, and innovation.

Reliable Construction

Systems are constructed from powder-coated, anodized high strength alloy specifically engineered for extra tall and wide applications. The enclosed mechanical systems keeps weather elements out.

Fully Compliant

Meets the applicable requirements including ANSI 14.3, OSHA 1910.26, CSAZ11-M81, OSHA 1910.23, Manitoba Workplace Safety & Health Division Fall Protection Guidelines

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Portable Stair Features & Benefits

  • 3 m to 4.7 m (10.75 ft. to 15.5 ft.) fixed platform height
  • Adjustable height with built-in winch
  • Multiple height adjustment ranges available
  • Fall arrest bar for accessing ladder
  • Heavy-duty leveling jacks included
  • Requires minimal clearance away from the work area/object
  • Durable aluminum and steel construction
  • Visual level indicators
  • Provides easy access to elevated work areas with 100% fall protection for up to two users.
  • Provides safe access to an overhead location and a fall protection tie-off point at the top platform.
  • Requires minimal clearance away from the work area/object
  • Easily adjust ladder height from the ground by cranking winch handle in a clockwise direction
  • Can be used in both dry and wet conditions