Engineered Overhead Lifeline Systems

Designed and engineered to provide reliable fall arrest for workers in difficult to access areas, our permanent overhead lifelines offer the highest level of capability and performance available today. 

Reliable and continuous fall arrest safety for work at height

Sesco Safety permanent overhead lifelines offer the highest level of capability and performance available today.  With the ability to be positioned as low as head height up to 50’ above the user to access areas on a range of equipment including aircraft, railcars, crane rails, pipe racks, distribution center and rigging grids few systems are as versatile.

The technology behind our engineered lifeline systems has evolved significantly in recent years allowing for much longer spans and improved user experience while maintaining manageable fall distances.

A typical cable based overhead lifeline system will consist of an energy absorber to minimize and control loads imparted on the existing structure, a tension indicator to ensure proper cable tension is maintained, a turnbuckle to add or remove tension, mechanical swages for cable terminations, pass thru bracketry and pass thru trolleys.

Continuous Protection

Our horizontal lifeline systems provide uninterrupted protection in runs of up to 200 feet which gives workers unencumbered and reliable protection near fall hazards without frequent system disconnects and re-connects.

Economic Solution

Overhead fall protection comes in many varieties, depending on the at height tasks you’re protecting, and the structural conditions overhead, horizontal lifelines often provide a cost-effective option for protecting workers.

Flexible Design

Our KeeLine system features a wide range of mounting and attaching options which gives our fall protection engineers the ability to design systems that accommodate obstacles, corners, and varying footprints.

Long-Lasting Safety

OSHA-compliant, rigorously third-party-tested, and designed using durable, weather resistant components, our overhead horizontal lifeline systems provide trouble-free fall protection that withstands the test of time.

Overhead Horizontal Lifeline Features & Benefits

  • Single Span lengths up to 180’
  • Pass Thru intermediate brackets for 100% tie-off.
  • Capable of support 1-3 simultaneous users.
  • 316 Stainless Steel cable and components
  • Economical
  • Long lasting durable components.
  • Ease of installation.
  • Versatility