Horizontal Lifeline Systems

Sesco Safety is a leading provider of permanent horizontal lifelines for roofs. Letting our engineering group design your roof lifeline ensures it will provide the necessary protection for the user and comply with all current fall safety regulations.

Safety Lifeline Fall Protection

Conduct work at height tasks securely and confidently. Give workers freedom while being securely tied off at all times.

Sesco Safety’s rooftop active work restraint and fall arrest horizontal lifeline systems provide a secure working environment for personnel on various roof types. Our team is experienced in designing and installing fall protection on flat roofs, steep pitched, composite, membrane, and standing seam roofs.

Our emphasis is on safety and enabling OSHA/ANSI/IBC compliant work at height. However, our fall protection specialists work to create systems that seamlessly integrate into safety protocols that enhance operational efficiency, increase productivity, and add peace of mind. Contact us to get started today!

Continuous Protection

Our horizontal lifeline systems provide uninterrupted protection in runs of up to 200 feet which gives workers unencumbered and reliable protection near fall hazards without frequent system disconnects and re-connects.


Flexible Design

Features a wide range of mounting and attaching options which gives our fall protection engineers the ability to design systems that accommodate obstacles, corners, and varying footprints.

Mounting Options

Designed and installed in three main orientations: raised rigid or tip-over post at working-walking level, as a side-mount (wall) solution or as an overhead system.

Long-lasting Safety

OSHA-compliant, rigorously third-party-tested, and designed using durable, weather resistant components, our overhead horizontal lifeline systems provide trouble-free fall protection that withstands the test of time.

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The latest update to the OSHA 1910 general industry standard for fall protection requires employers to provide fall protection for workers exposed to fall hazards on roofs. On roofs with a pitch greater than 4 on 12 active fall protection must be provided. On flat or low-sloped roofs, fall protection must be provided if work is performed within 10’ of an unprotected roof edge.

Whether designed to provide active arrest, our systems are part of a complete personal fall arrest system and designed and installed under the supervision of a qualified person. Learn more about what OSHA requires.

Energy Absorbing Supports

By utilizing energy-absorbing support posts, our lifeline systems can be positioned anywhere on the roof.

Roof Types

For standing seam roofs, S5! Clamps can be used to attach the posts to the roof, eliminating the need for roof penetrations. Toggle bolt and riveted connections are available for other types of roofs.

Steep Pitches

On steep pitched roofs the lifeline is typically positioned at the peak of the roof. Careful attention should also be given to make sure potential swing falls are eliminated at the corners using redirect anchor points. Allowing Sesco Safety’s engineering group design your steep slope roof lifeline ensures it will provide the necessary protection for the user.

Low Slopes

For low sloped or flat roofs it is common to provide full perimeter roof lifelines. This consists of positioning the lifeline ~10 from the edge of the roof. By having the lifeline set back from the roof edge workers are able to access the hazard area while being tied off and restrained from falling.

Attaching & Mounting Options

These horizontal lifelines are typically mounted to support posts integrated directly into the roof or roof support structure. However, we also engineer lifeline fall protection systems that are supported by posts attached to the roof deck.