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The story of your professional experience is best expressed through our past projects.

CLIENT: Harley-Davidson
SOLUTION: Rigid Rail
APPLICATION: Manufacturing
SERVICES: Design, Engineering, Fabrication, Installation

Harley-Davidson manufactures and sells customer cruiser and touring motorcycles that feature leading-edge styling, innovative design, distinctive sound, and superior quality with the ability to personalize.

Sesco Safety installed a custom Rigid Rail system to be utilized while conducting preventative maintenance on top of the machinery.


CLIENT: Plymouth Utilities
SOLUTION: Ladder Guard
APPLICATION: Municipality / Utility
SERVICES: Safety Consulting, Training, Installation

Plymouth Utilities is a municipal-owned, customer- driven electric, water, and wastewater utility providing electric service to the City of Plymouth and parts of 10 surrounding townships.

Sesco Safety has worked with Plymouth for a number of years. Our latest project was providing rooftop safe access solutions for their employees and contractors.

CLIENT: ProAmpac
SOLUTION: KeeGuard Topfix & KeeHatch Systems
SERVICES: Risk Assessment, Safety Audits, Installation

ProAmpac is a leading global flexible packaging company with comprehensive product offerings. They provide creative packaging solutions, industry-leading customer service and award-winning innovation to a diverse global marketplace.

While performing risk assessments and on-site rooftop audits Sesco Safety discovered and later addressed several safe access and transitional hazards.

CLIENT: DercoAerospace (A Lockheed Martin Company)
SOLUTION: Hatch Guards, KeeGates, KeeGuard & WeightAnka
SERVICES: Risk Assessment, Safety Audits, Installation

For more than 35 years, Derco has provided logistics and technical support for fixed-wing aircraft. An industry leader, offering a suite of fleet management solutions, including spares distribution, logistics solutions, repair and overhaul services and technical solutions.

Derco Aerospace invited Sesco Safety to their Milwaukee, WI location to review a number of safety concerns on the rooftop. Sesco Safety addressed many safe access and fall hazards through both permanent and portable fall protection systems.

CLIENT: Verso Stevens Point Mill
SOLUTION: Horizontal Lifeline Inspection & Recertification
SERVICES: Inspection and Recertification, Engineering, Installation

The leading North American producer of printing and specialty papers and pulp, Verso provides insightful solutions that help drive improved customer efficiency, productivity, brand awareness and business results.

Unable to locate the proper engineering or inspection information for four existing horizontal lifeline systems, Verso contacted Sesco Safety. It was determined that the system was not originally engineered correctly and needed additional lateral bracing to bring it up to compliance. Sesco Safety proposed the additional material needed and brought the system into compliance.

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