Fall Protection Solutions Downloads

Below is a collection of Sesco Safety Fall Protection solutions brochures, sales sheets, and product overviews.

Sesco Lifeline

Horizontal Lifeline

Freedom to Work. Securely Attached. The KeeLine® horizontal lifeline system is designed to provide workers with freedom of movement on the rooftop while securely attached to the lifeline at all times.

Sesco Rigidrail

Rigid Rail Systems

When properly utilized, rigid rail overhead protection is a safe and operationally efficient means of fall arrest that outperforms cable-based lifeline products by arresting falls in a much shorter distance.

Rooftop Guardrail

Rooftop Guardrail

Protect your workforce, secure your roof. The KeeGuard guardrail system provides permanent, free-standing and durable edge protection without penetration of the roofing membrane or the building structure.


Access Platforms

Safe Access Platforms are custom built solutions that meet the specific requirements of your rooftop surface and provide a safe route over pipework, HVAC and other rooftop obstructions.

Work Stands

Engineered to make elevated maintenance and assembly safe, compliant, and productive, our platforms solve a wide range of needs within various environments and industries.


Rooftop Walkway

The KeeWalk® system provides a level and secure pathway to traverse rooftops of all types. Can be supplied with single or dual handrail and be configured to fit a range of safe access needs.

Overhead Lifeline

When guardrails or other fall prevention measures are not an option, Sesco Safety overhead horizontal lifelines are a versatile fall arrest alternative in a wide variety of industrial environments.

Overhead Anchors

Sesco Safety permanent single point anchors are a cost effective way to provide point of access fall protection. Single point anchors are engineered to your building or structures requirements.

Safety Railing

Designed and tested to exceed OSHA’s minimum requirements and backed by third party testing, our safety railing protects individuals where ADA handrails, safety barriers, and guardrail is needed.

Tank Anchor

This Above-ground Storage Tank Worker Restraint System Above provides effective fall protection to workers anytime access to the working / walking surface at height is required.


Deadweight Anchor

Our freestanding roof anchor is portable, non-penetrating and provides worker safety at heights where there is an occasional or temporary requirement to access flat roofs or structures.


Barrier Systems

When it comes to collisions between forklifts and people, people always lose! Industrial Safety Barriers are designed to keep people from harm even when forklift drivers make an error.

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