Horizontal Lifelines – Installation Services

We’ve all heard the warning, “Don’t try this at home!” In life, some things are simply best left to the professionals. When it comes to fall protection, a horizontal lifeline system is just one of those things. While many fall protection solutions can be implemented on your own, a horizontal lifeline needs to be installed by somebody that not only understands the product, but also knows exactly how it will work with the surface to which it is going to be mounted. By attempting to do this on your own, too much is simply being left to chance.

In previous articles, we’ve discussed why a horizontal lifeline system may be your best solution so the goal here is not to rehash that. However, since you’ve taken the time to determine which solution will best keep your employees safe, installation is not the time to begin rushing things or cutting corners . There are numerous components to a horizontal lifeline and, therefore, numerous potential points of failure if the system is installed improperly. Some installations may be simple, but others can be incredibly complex. Nobody understands the system’s components and/or the complexities of your design better than the SESCO team that designed the system in the first place. At the completion of the design phase, SESCO’s certified installers will install your system so that there’s nothing for you to do but use, inspect, and maintain it. You will not have to worry yourself about training employees on installation, whether the gage of the decking is thick enough (or that any surface you’re connecting to is sufficient), or whether or not the fasteners have been properly installed. It’s all done for you.

And SESCO doesn’t stop there. SESCO’s horizontal lifeline system service is a complete service. We don’t just design your solution, implement it, and walk away. We also develop and provide a customized training program to your users so that they don’t put themselves at risk by misusing the lifeline. When it comes to the safety of your employees, training is of utmost importance to OSHA, and rightfully so. If a user doesn’t know exactly what he or she is doing, they may not be properly protected and, sometimes, a false sense of security is more dangerous than no security at all.   Therefore, employee training should be of utmost importance to you, as well. SESCO will ensure that your employees know exactly what they need to do while using the horizontal lifeline system. However, simply using the lifeline isn’t the only thing your employees will need to know how to do. Our training will also teach them how to properly inspect and maintain the system. Daily inspection and maintenance are critical in ensuring the effectiveness of the lifeline system. You receive a certificate of use only after we’ve properly trained your employees.

“So,” you may be asking, “is that when SESCO walks away?”

No. In fact, we never do. We want to help ensure that our products and installations are keeping your employees safe and, since horizontal lifelines are often long-term solutions, our service must also be long-term. Year after year, we will continue to make sure your system is effective and in proper working condition by performing annual inspections and recertification. While you will continue to perform your own inspections, you will be able to rest even easier knowing the same people that designed and installed your system are coming back to make sure it’s safe.

SESCO doesn’t just want to sell you a product, we want to partner with you to ensure that that very same product is protecting your employees’ lives. We are confident that after working with us just once, that SESCO will not only be the first name that comes to mind when contemplating fall protection solutions, but that it will be the only name that comes to mind.

Have a fall protection problem? We have the solution. Don’t hesitate. Call us now!