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Unchained: Protecting Your Ladderways

You approach the top of the fixed ladder, ready to begin your descent. The wind howls past your ears, making you uneasy, even a bit unsteady. Frantically, you reach out to grab the hand-hold and

Vertical Lifelines

While vertical lifelines have long been a viable solution to many fall exposure situations, they are about to get a new burst in popularity. With OSHA’s release of its new Walking-Working Surface rule in

Railings Aren’t Just for Work at Heights

Often, when safety professionals begin discussing railings, it’s in relation to working at heights. Many of us can rattle off how high each rail needs to be, how much force the rail needs to withstand,

Inspecting Your Personal Fall Arrest System

When you don your Personal Fall Arrest System (PFAS), you are entrusting your life to it. Yet, too often this equipment is mishandled, stored improperly

Safety Tips for Working at Heights

In many industries, it is likely that a time is going to come when you are asked to work at heights. In construction, you can almost guarantee it. When it happens, you may find it’s

Horizontal Lifelines – A Comprehensive Overview

Horizontal lifelines are a versatile, effective fall protection solution that can solve some complicated hazards. Yet, in many cases, people don’t understand them enough to

Horizontal Lifelines – Installation Services

We’ve all heard the warning, “Don’t try this at home!” In life, some things are simply best left to the professionals. When it comes to fall protection, a horizontal lifeline system is just one of those things.

Horizontal Lifelines vs Anchor Points

Should you find yourself in a situation in which you need to protect your employees from a fall, your first attempt should always be to look for ways to prevent them from falling in the first place, as opposed to arresting the fall.

Horizontal Lifeline Systems – Inspection & Maintenance

Finally, whether during an inspection or your regular maintenance, if you find a problem or even a suspected problem, do not ignore it! Get any issues checked by the

Horizontal Lifelines – Mounting Options and Fall Clearance

If you haven’t had a chance to read our introduction to horizontal lifelines, take a moment to go back and review the post before we dive in!  Back already? That was quick. Still, what you now

Horizontal Lifelines – An Introduction

“But there’s nothing to tie-off to!” It’s a common refrain in the world of safety. The safety professional informs a worker that they need fall protection to work in the location they intend to work and the worker

OSHA’s Walking and Working Surfaces Final Rule Has Arrived

Last fall, with the uncertainty of a Presidential election looming, OSHA made a push to release some long-awaited rulemaking (historically, Democrat administrations are friendlier to