Safety Systems for Vehicle Maintenance

We perform critical analysis inside your facility to identify the hazards where your workers are exposed to the greatest risk. This analysis ensures that the most dangerous areas are protected immediately with proven solutions that meet recognized standards and regulations.

In many facilities there is a need for techs and mechanics to access the top and underneath of vehicles for maintenance, repair and assembly. Our systems offer dependable safety compliance when working on large mobile equipment and within the facility at large.

Whether fixed to the ceiling, freestanding on shop floors or rooftops, custom designed to fit your equipment, or modular general protection systems Sesco prides itself on a full range of solutions that maintain an open floor plan to maximize work zone safety, efficiency and performance.

Types of Vehicle Maintenance Fall Protection

Overhead Rigid Rail

Fall Protection for Loading and Manufacturing

In many facilities there is a need to access the top of vehicles for maintenance and construction. Our modular designs offer dependable safety and short fall arrest distances when loading and working on top of mobile equipment. Fixed to the ceiling with a unique range of mounting options, these rigid rail systems are designed to maintain on open floor plan using structurally-mounted, low-profile rails that maximize work zones.

Platforms & Maintenance Stands

Providing Access without the Risk

Our platforms can be designed to reach complex places with ease. Made from modular components, access platforms can be designed to suit any task with minimal disruption to existing work processes.

Pit Protection

Protecting People from Open Voids

These pit covers are a lightweight inspection safety product that is easy to open and close. It has been created to safeguard open pits, and designed to be robust, adjustable and quick and easy to deploy. The inspection pit cover protects against falls while still giving access to the underside of vehicle.

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