Fall Protection for Trucks & Trailers

Moving raw materials and finished goods using roadways requires nearly round the clock unloading, loading, and routine maintenance to keep lines moving. Sesco Safety offers a variety of fall arrest systems for truck and trailer operations.

Solutions For Truck Loading, Unloading, and Maintenance

The trucking industry presents several unique safety concerns due to the size of trailers and the fast-paced nature of the business.  Sesco Safety has many years of experience working with North America’s leading logistics companies providing a variety of consulting services, as well as design and installation of custom and pre-manufactured fall protection systems.

Overhead horizontal lifelines and rigid rail systems are typical to keep employees safe while climbing and working around truck & trailers.  Sesco Safety has the experience and expertise needed to provide the proper compliant solutions for the unique environment of a rail yard.


Structural Analysis and Hazard Assessment

Sesco Safety begins its truck trailer fall protection solutions by assessing the specific work procedures involved. For maintenance bays, this evaluation includes examining the supporting building structures and comprehending overhead crane operations. In loading areas, we meticulously consider both static and dynamic obstacles that may impact fall clearance when implementing systems.



Our system guarantees ongoing compliance of active fall protection systems through out annual system inspections services and comprehensive 5-year engineering/design review and recertification process.


Design & Engineering

Our design team, comprising civil and structural engineers, AutoCAD designers, and field engineers, generates thorough design packages. These packages encompass detailed foundation drawings, structural steel design, and compliant fall protection solutions aligned with ANSI and OSHA standards. Furthermore, our engineers consider factors such as local seismic and weather conditions in each design.


Repairs, Upgrades, & Inspections

Regular inspection and servicing of every fall protection system are essential, either periodically or after a fall occurs. Our field service team, comprising coordinators, inspection technicians, and engineers, collaborates proactively with our clients to ensure that their fall protection systems remain serviced and aligned with the latest standards and requirements.