Fall Protection For Data Centers

Working on data center rooftops entails significant risks of occupational fatalities or serious injuries due to the elevated working environment. Therefore, ensuring the availability of proper safety equipment is paramount. Sesco Safety offers comprehensive safety solutions tailored for workers accessing rooftops to perform maintenance tasks on ventilation and cooling systems, UPS utilities, generators, and cabling. Our range of safety equipment is designed to mitigate hazards and enhance worker protection in these challenging environments.

The Importance of Safety Equipment For Data Centers


To ensure seamless operation, data centers rely on a diverse array of equipment including ventilation and cooling systems, UPS units, generators, and intricate cabling networks. Since a significant portion of this infrastructure is often situated on rooftops, engineers and contractors must have unfettered access for routine inspections, maintenance, and swift response to emergencies.

Given the elevated nature of the work environment, prioritizing the safety of workers becomes paramount. Vital safety measures, such as the installation of safe access, stepovers/crossovers, horizontal lifeline and guardrails, provide essential protection against falls and other hazards. Additionally, strategically laid walkways and warning lines further enhance worker safety, ensuring that personnel can navigate the rooftop environment with confidence.

At Sesco Safety, we understand the critical nature of data center operations and offer a comprehensive range of safety solutions tailored specifically for personnel working in these environments. From innovative fall protection systems to durable walkway solutions, we are committed to safeguarding the well-being of workers while enabling the seamless functioning of data center infrastructure.


Non Penetrating

Our freestanding systems, including rooftop guardrails, dead weight anchors, and warning line systems, are self-supported and weighted, ensuring they do not void roof warranties.



Our systems represent the pinnacle of engineered fall protection currently available. They incorporate components rigorously tested by third parties and are installed by expert teams qualified to deliver comprehensive user training

easy to used

Easy to Use

Although fall arrest systems require proper safety training and rescue procedure, rooftop systems can often be designed to be passive and completely hands free use, enabling users to concentrate on the task at hand.




Our system utilizes galvanized, aluminum, and stainless components to enhance durability and corrosion resistance, ensuring years of maintenance-free usage.

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Fall Protection Solutions

Weighted Guardrail

The safest, most comprehensive rooftop fall protection solution is a  guardrail system. Our free-standing roof edge railing systems bring rooftops into OSHA/ANSI/IBC compliance.

Horizontal Lifeline

Our energy absorbing lifeline systems are designed to provide workers with freedom of movement on the rooftop while securely attached to the lifeline at all times.

Crossovers & Walkways

Innovative and flexible systems that create safe routes over objects and obstructions on the rooftop without penetrating the roof membrane.

Skylight Screens

Protect people from falling through fragile roof lights with our adaptable screen systems for skylights on flat, trapezoidal and standing seam roofs.

Safety Access Work Stands

Fully-compliant elevated workspaces that enhance safety and productivity in a variety of inspection, maintenance, assembly and repair tasks.

Hatch Kits

Provide safe egress and ingress through roof hatches, simplify the transition from ladder to rooftop and protect the roof opening when the hatch is open.

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